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2019-2020 Opening Bulletin


August 2019

Dear Parents:

As your principal I am very excited and honored to be a member of the Enadia Way Technology Charter community! I know that the teachers and I are looking forward to a wonderful and productive school year. I am eager to see all of you again and to get to know our new students. As you know, Enadia Way is a gem of a school and wonderful place to learn.  We are very excited to continue to infuse technology into the Common Core State Standards curriculum so that our students can become College and Career Ready.  This is your school, and we encourage your participation and involvement in the governance of the school to help us achieve the very best possible education for each child.  Our Eagles are soaring academically with your support, the effort of the students, and of course, the expert instruction and support provided by Enadia Way’s wonderful staff. Thank you in advance for all of your support, cooperation and encouragement as we begin this exciting school year together. 

Please review the following information with your child so that you will be informed regarding the policies of the Los Angeles Unified School District and Enadia Way.  THERE IS A TEAR-OFF SHEET ATTACHED FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD TO SIGN AND RETURN TO THE TEACHER BY AUGUST 30th .


Mrs. Heather Jeanne



It is critical that every parent have an email account and daily access to the internet.  Every Tuesday at 4:30pm all parents and staff with email accounts are sent an email blast with my weekly Principal’s Message and the accompanying flyers in either English or Spanish.  This weekly Principal’s Message is mandatory reading and contains all of the critical information that needs to be communicated to our families on a weekly and timely basis.  Please provide the email address that is checked daily.  The school’s Parent Community Rep can assist any parent with acquiring a free email address and parents may access the internet in our Parent Center daily.  Families without the ability to access the internet will be given hard copies of all emailed documentation every Tuesday afternoon with their oldest child.



See the enclosed “Regular Bell Schedule.”



See the enclosed Traffic Safety and Flow Pattern letters.



The auditorium opens at 7:30 a.m. for early supervised drop-offs. The gates to the school open at 7:40 a.m. SAFETY IS A HIGH PRIORITY!  Ours is a “Locked Campus.” Say your good-byes before your child enter the gates.  Parents are not allowed inside the gates in the morning without a visitor’s pass. Visitor Passes are available in the main office.   All kindergartners and first graders must enter through the Royer St. gate. Under no circumstances shall a child be dropped off at school prior to 7:30 without the direct supervision of an adult.



The gates (kinder and Main Gate) open with the dismissal bell.  Parents are permitted to come on campus at that time. Kinder and 1st grade parents must pick up their children promptly upon dismissal directly from the classroom teacher.  Students enrolled in Beyond the Bell (YS or YDP) are greeted by the after school coaches.   The kinder gate on Royer Ave closes at 2:35 and is closed on Thursdays for our Farmers Market.  Kinder and 1st grade students who are late being picked up will be found in the Main Office.  All other students must stay with the YS after school coach.  Students are not permitted to wait for their parents in front of the school!  Please park and walk to greet your children.



Breakfast will be served between 8:00AM and 8:15AM.  Students can NOT be served if they arrive late.  Hot supper is free to children under 18 and is served upon dismissal.  Hot supper must be eaten in the lunch pavilion. 

STUDENT PRICES             FULL PRICE                                     REDUCED PRICE

Breakfast                               FREE                                                  FREE

Lunch                                     $3.00 (milk included)                       40 cents (milk included)

Milk (1/2 pt.)                        50 cents

Orange juice (4 oz.)             50 cents

Hot Supper                           FREE


*Prices subject to change.


*Menus are available at and our school’s website.  Your child’s meal account may be filled on line through our school’s website and then debited as used. You may also bring cash to the cafeteria to put money into your child’s account to be debited as needed.


Free and reduced priced meals are provided for children who qualify under Federal guidelines.  We are asking all parents to complete the confidential application online as soon as possible, even if you believe that you may not qualify. It is vital that you submit the application, even though you may not want your child to participate or you think you may not qualify. Please fill out the one form and include information for all of your children who are attending our school.  Family income that is below the standard set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will qualify pupils for a free or reduced price breakfast and lunch at school.  Each year new applications must be submitted by Sept. 27, 2019.


We are part of the LAUSD HEALTHY SCHOOL NETWORK. Children are not allowed to have glass bottles or soda pop on campus.  Please do not send “junk food” or large bags of chips to school with your children.  We are encouraging healthy eating habits at school.  Students are also asked not to share their food with others due to allergies and dietary restrictions.  Hot Cheetos, Takis and other junk snack foods with chili powder/eye irritants are not permitted at any time and will be confiscated.


At no time is chewing gum permitted on campus!




IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that the information on this form is filled out completely and accurately in blue or black ink.  Please make sure all telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses are clearly written and current.  Include as many names and telephone numbers of people over 18 years old as possible who can be contacted in case you cannot be reached.  Emergency contacts should live or work relatively close to the school.  This information is used to contact you when your child is ill, has been hurt, or in any type of emergency.  There is also a medical release on this card in case immediate emergency treatment is required. Children will be released only to the contacts listed and with proper identification.  Please notify the school immediately if there is a change in address or telephone numbers.



Please be advised that unless you have amended your child’s birth certificate, all District correspondence and certificates will use your child’s legal name.  We will call your child by the nick name you prefer but we will not use a last name that is not on the birth certificate.  It is very important that your child recognize his/her legal name.



Children are NOT permitted to take medication, wear casts, have stitches, or use crutches at school unless it is on the written request of the doctor.  The doctor must sign a release permitting the child to attend school and note any restrictions.  Students who need to take any continuing prescribed medication or over the counter medication during school hours must have on file in the office their parent’s/guardian’s signed request, in addition to the doctor’s note.  Please call the office to request the appropriate form or print it from our website.  Any medication including aspirin, lotions, cough drops or other over-the-counter remedies MUST be accompanied by a completed formSTUDENTS MAY NOT BRING ANY TYPE OF MEDICATION TO SCHOOL INCLUDING PRESCRIPTIONS, OVER-THE-COUNTER REMEDIES, VITAMINS, AND COUGH DROPS.  PLEASE DO NOT allow your child to carry his/her own inhalers or other medications without notifying the school office staff.  They must be brought into the office to be monitored.  Appropriate authorization forms must be on file for self-medication.



All children are expected to be in attendance and on time, each day unless they are ill or a family emergency arises.  Family vacations and excursions should be planned on non-school days. Please remember that a written note or email to the school office explaining why your child is absent is required. When your child is absent, tardy, or left early, expect a call from the LAUSD attendance office informing you of the absence or tardy reported by the teacher.  If there is a mistake and your child was not tardy or absent or left early please call the school      office. We will recognize students for Perfect Attendance Awards at the end of each reporting period.  Students must be on time and in school every day for the full day to receive these award certificates. 



In the event of a serious emergency (i.e. earthquake or lockdown), all children will be retained at school until released by the principal to a parent or designated adult.  Remember that the school is well prepared and is a safe place to house your children until you can safely reunite with them during a serious emergency. Only adults who are on the emergency card and have photo I.D. will gain release of their children at the Emergency Request/Reunion Gate.  In conjunction with our Safe School Plan, emergency supplies, food and water are stocked at school.  Staff members have been trained in first aid and CPR, and emergency communication channels have been established with neighboring schools.  Our intent is to provide maximum SAFETY AND ACCOUNTABILITY for each student until you or your designee listed on the emergency card arrives at school.



Students may be detained after school by staff for up to 10 minutes.  Permission must be obtained from a parent before a student may be kept longer than 10 minutes. If a friend comes home with your child to play without his parents’ knowledge, please notify the school office or the child’s parents.  Do not take another child home without parent consent.  They may be trying to locate him/her.  Please urge your child not to go with another parent or to another child’s home unless prior arrangements have been made before coming to school that day.



Teachers will be participating in valuable professional development on Tuesday afternoons.  Students will be dismissed at 1:25pm, EVERY TUESDAY enabling Enadia Way teachers to learn new strategies and techniques as they implement our exemplary instructional program.  Students are attending a longer school day Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, thus receiving the required hours of instruction required by our state.   



A shortened or minimum day may be scheduled for Parent Conferences, before peak holidays, or a special staff in service.  Parents will be notified in advance on these occurrences.  Please frequently check the school calendar on our website for any changes to the schedule.



The following is available on our school campus:

- Youth Development Program – A Comprehensive After School Enrichment Program sponsored by The Beyond The Bell division of the Los Angeles Unified School District. This program is completely free! This program is structured and features dinner and a daily four-group rotation program that is Inclusive of Academic Enrichment, Homework Support and Recreation. Activities begin at the dismissal bell and continue until 6:00p.m. daily, and are inclusive of Kindergarten through 5th grade students.  It is a sign in and out program.  Applications are available in the school office. Space is limited!  All students must be picked up by 6pm.
- Youth Services- an afterschool playground supervised by one Beyond the Bell coach for students in grades 2-5. This program is completely free! Dinner is served, homework time and support is given, and students play structured games on the playground.  All students must be picked up by 6pm.



There will be only 2 classroom parties per school year.  One will take place before our holiday winter break in December and the other party at the end of the school year in June.  Parties may not interfere with the Federal Lunch Program and must adhere to the District’s Health and Wellness Policy.  Parents are encouraged to celebrate your child’s birthday at home or a place of your choice outside of school with friends and family.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND GOODIES OR BALLOONS TO SCHOOL ON BIRTHDAYS.   Teachers and school staff recognize your child on their special day.  Based on LAUSD health and instructional minute guidelines, we do not have birthday celebrations for students at school.



All visitors on campus, including parents, must come to the office first.  Parents are welcome to observe a classroom, but teachers need to be informed of the visit.  Upon arrival in the office, the parent will SIGN –IN to obtain a Visitor’s Permit and receive a VISITOR’S BADGE before going to the classroom.  All visitations must be of a reasonable length (usually 20 minutes) unless prior permission is obtained.  If a teacher conference is desired after a visitation, a separate appointment should be made.  No minor children can accompany parents during these classroom observations. And there can be no conferences or discussions with the teacher or your child during these visits as they interfere with instruction.



If you wish to volunteer in any capacity on campus (including chaperoning on field trips) you must complete a School Tier I, Tier II or Tier III Volunteer Application and have a current TB test (within 6 months).  Processed volunteers will be issued a badge which must be worn at all times while volunteering. You must always sign in when arriving and sign out when leaving the school in the Volunteer binder, which is located in the front office of the school.  Volunteer applications are valid for 5 years and TB tests are good for 4 years.  No minor children may accompany parents while volunteering on campus or during field trips.



 Boys and girls should bring only school supplies and any special materials requested by the teacher for classroom lessons.  Toys, trading cards, large sums of money, expensive jewelry, radios, and video games are not appropriate at school.  District policy permits students to bring cell phones/phone watches if they remain OFF and are in their backpack during normal school hours.  Cell phones/phone watches are not necessary items for school attendance; if your child needs to reach a parent/guardian in cases of emergency, the school staff will provide phone access.  Any device that becomes a distraction may be confiscated by the classroom teacher at any time.

Many items of clothing are lost every year at school.  Teach your child to be responsible and keep track of their jackets and sweaters.  It is highly recommended that sweaters,  jackets, or any removable clothing be marked on the back labels with a permanent laundry marking pen with your child’s name and room number, to assist us in the recovery of lost items.



Our school has adopted a Uniform Policy. Please see the attached flyer for information regarding the policy and upcoming uniform and spirit wear sales.  Per District policy any Uniform Policy is voluntary and provisions are made for financial hardship and those requesting to opt out.  If you request assistance in acquiring school uniforms, please contact our Community Rep to obtain uniforms.



The LAUSD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender (including sexual harassment), physical or mental disability, or age in any of its policies, procedures, or practices, in compliance with Federal civil rights laws.  A full policy statement is contained in the Parent – Student Handbook included in this packet. 



Class formation is a complicated process.  The teachers put in tremendous effort to recommend appropriate placement for your child.  Every attempt is made to balance the classes.  The teachers make recommendations for classroom placements and the principal assigns the teachers to the classes.  All classroom assignments are tentative until “norm day” at which time enrollment determines the final number of classes.  Changes will only be made for the necessary reorganization of classes that may occur after school begins.  As new students enroll it may be necessary to make changes to stabilize class size.   Classrooms are assigned to meet the academic needs of each student. 

Classrooms were organized using the following priorities:  1) Mandated grouping of English Learners and GATE students. 2) Academic Heterogeneity – a cross section of abilities must be maintained in each class.  3) Balance in class size norms.  4) Balance in gender.  5) Separating students for social and emotional needs who work better when not together.  6) Balance in ethnicity/diversity. 

We believe we provide a positive learning environment in every class at Enadia Way with highly qualified teachers.  The individual differences between teachers and their teaching styles will only serve to enrich and expand your child’s educational life experience. WE WILL NOT BE MAKING ROOM CHANGES EXCEPT TO BALANCE CLASS SIZE or for any of the reasons stated above and you will be notified if this occurs.



Please bookmark our school’s website on your computer or Smartphone .  The school calendar is always up to date and accurate from August through June.  Every effort is made to ensure that our school’s website is up to date and a valuable resource.



One of our school’s biggest treasures is our school garden.  All students have an

opportunity to plant and work in our school garden weekly.  Please support our

school and a healthy lifestyle by purchasing produce and/or flowers at our

weekly Farmers Market in front of the school every Thursday from 2:00-3:30, or while supplies last.



These are our four school rules and the basis for our school wide Positive Behavior Support plan.  Students are taught the importance of these four rules in every aspect of how they interact with other students, teachers, and how they manage their own behavior throughout the school day.  Students are given “Caught Being Good” and “Caught Being Healthy” tickets for demonstrating the 4 rules. The students put their tickets into a treasure box and names are drawn every Monday at our Morning Assembly for a free incentive after school on Friday.  In addition, students are recognized for their positive behavior in the classroom and at monthly awards assemblies.


These policies and guidelines were developed so that Enadia Way runs safely and efficiently with the least amount of distractions to our main goal of educating our students. We appreciate your cooperation in abiding by these and all of Los Angeles Unified School Policies.  You will be receiving a copy of the LAUSD Parent/ Student Handbook.  Please find time to read through it as it is a great resource for parents.

 If you have any questions/concerns or suggestions please feel free to call the school.  Thank you again for all of your cooperation in making Enadia Way a fun and safe learning environment for our students.



Attend school every day and be on time.
Bring a note whenever you are absent or tardy.
Use the safest, most direct route to and from school.
Help to keep your school clean and protect school property.
Obey ALL school rules.
Respect the rights and property of others who are at school to learn.
Go directly home after dismissal unless otherwise directed by parents.
Never leave the classroom or school grounds without permission.
Bring only things that you need for learning. Do not bring toys, trading       cards, valuable objects (electronics), candy or gum to school.
Cell phones/phone watches must be powered off and inside a backpack during school hours.
Wear your school uniform and closed-toe athletic shoes daily. School notices or letters from your teacher should always be given to your parents the same night you take them home! (Parents, please check backpacks nightly and especially on Tuesdays “news day.”)


*Please return this tear-off to school by August 30, 2019


My child and I have read the opening bulletin and discussed its contents.


___________________________       ______________________    _____________

Student name                                                   Grade                                             Room #



Parent’s Signature (I will help and support my child in any way to follow the rules, policies, and procedures at Enadia Way).



Student’s Signature (I will try my best to follow the rules, policies, and procedures at Enadia Way).