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Principal's Message 9/4

Enadia Way Technology Charter

Principal’s Message

Week of September 3, 2018

UTLA Vote to Authorize Strike

I am sure that you have heard on the news that UTLA (the teacher’s union) overwhelmingly voted on 8/30 to authorize a strike. This vote simply means that the members of UTLA have authorized a strike should negotiations fail to bring the desired results. Hopefully the LAUSD School Board will be able to meet the union’s demands with a new contract; otherwise a strike is imminent (sometime in early October). I will let the school community know what is going on as soon as I am made aware of any start dates for a strike. In case you are wondering if the schools will be closed, only the superintendent of schools, Austin Beutner, can close schools. 

DJ Dance Party fun

We had a great time Thursday afternoon at the DJ Dance Party. The 39 students who passed the summer math challenge each got a light stick and had a blast dancing in our MPR. The lights were out and the DJ used his professional lights and strobes to turn our MPR into a disco! Even though most of the kids had no idea how to dance, they all sure did enjoy sword fighting with the foam light sticks! It is my sincere hope that next summer a huge number of students and parents will take the math challenge seriously so that more students can participate!

Back to School Night results

Thank you to all of the parents who attended Back to School Night!!! Your support and interest in your child’s academic program is greatly appreciated. Overall we had a 67% attendance rate (169/254 students represented). Aside from Room 204 (91%) and Room 303 (82%) who had the highest participation rate, the rest of the turn-out was unacceptably low. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the classes with the highest achieving students are also the classes with the highest parent participation rate. The two go hand in hand. I don’t know how parents expect their children to succeed when they don’t make the time to come to something as basic as Back to School Night. Unless parents make their child’s educational success a top priority in their own lives, it won’t happen. What the teachers and students do 6 hours a day is only a small fraction of what the students need to be successful in school.

Natural History Mobile Museum is here!

You may have noticed the giant trailer on our playground. All 3rd-5th grade students will be working with NHM staff this week on an archeological dig in which they work as small teams to “unearth” primary artifacts left by the Chumash Native Americans. The students will piece together how the Chumash survived using the primary artifacts, folklore, and photographic evidence. These workshops will be followed up with next week’s field trips to the Natural History Museum. All students K-2nd will visit the Mobile Museum on Thursday.

Orchestra Reminder

If you haven’t already done so, please sign and return the orchestra forms (for those students selected) early this week. The first day of Orchestra is this Thursday. Please be advised that the instrument loan agreement is binding. Instruments cost between $200-$600 to replace if lost, stolen or permanently damaged. Parents are also agreeing to make sure their child practices 20-30 minutes every day and that the instruments are brought to school every Thursday and taken home Thursday night!

Upcoming Events/Important Dates!

Please subscribe to our school calendar on for reminders!

  • 9/5-9/7: Natural History Museum Mobile Lab at school (3rd-5th grades)
  • 9/10: Rosh Hashannah, NO SCHOOL!
  • 9/12-9/14: Field Trips to Natural History Museum (3rd-5th grades)
  • 9/19: Yom Kippur, NO SCHOOL!
  • 9/20: Carrusel Uniform Sales all day
  • 9/24: Awards Assembly (8:20 3rd-5th); (9:00 TK-2nd)
  • 9/26: 2:30 Council Meeting (Orientation & Election)
  • 9/26: 2:30-3:30 Code Club begins (4th-5th)
  • 9/28: College & Career Day! (kids wear college shirts, guest speakers at school)