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Enadia Way Technology Charter

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Principal's Message

Enadia Way Technology Charter
Principal’s Message
Week of 5-31-22
Important Dates:
5/31: Parent Workshop 5:00-6:00 via Zoom: “5 Love Languages of Children”- see attached flyer for Zoom information
6/1: Hula Dancing Culminating Event (9:00 in MPR)
6/1: 3:00 Council Meeting #7 (Zoom ID: 271 946 5766)
6/2: Orchestra Concerts! (8:30 for Winds; 9:30 for Strings)- in person for parents in MPR
6/3: Awards Assembly (Attendance, Academics, Citizenship, Kindness)-8:15 TK-2nd; 9:00 3rd-5th via Zoom ID: 271 946 5766)
6/3: 10:30 5th Graders vs. Staff Softball game
6/6: Minimum Day 12:45 Dismissal (12:00 Kindergarten Promotion in MPR)
6/8: Minimum Day 12:45 Dismissal (11:45 5th Grade Culmination)
6/9: Minimum Day 12:45 Dismissal (9:00 5th Grade Field Day)
6/10: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Minimum Day 12:45 Dismissal (11:45-12:45 5th Grade DJ Dance Party)
6/10: FREE DRESS DAY!- Last Day to collect Lost & Found items!
COVID-19 Updates
For the last couple of weeks we have averaged one positive case each week. Now that close contacts (including those whose family members have COVID) are allowed to come to school if they wear a mask, I expect the numbers to go up. Today we had numerous children going home sick. I am very concerned that kindergarteners and fifth graders (and perhaps their teachers) will miss out on the promotion activities! The wearing of masks is strongly encouraged!
Response to Robb Elementary Massacre
We are all trying to get to the end of the school year safely. What happened at Robb Elementary (and so many others) is horrifying and sickening. Our school takes lockdown and active shooter training very seriously. This spring, when the District recommended we just “talk about it,” we conducted a full-scale drill. I asked Officer Casteñada to conduct active shooter training for the students on the playground which included learning how to dodge bullets and conceal themselves behind buildings. Students learned with their teachers where to hide on campus, call 911 from the classroom phones, how to barricade themselves in the MPR, where the emergency toilets and water are in every classroom, and how to operate the lockdown bars on each classroom door. The children also participated in a scavenger hunt in which they also identified the “safe house” across the street from the school which is used in a “rapid relocation” scenario in which people are fleeing for their lives. The office staff practices in great detail communicating to each classroom in order to account for every man, woman, and child and the status of each classroom. I practice reaching law enforcement on my police walkie talkie. All of these measures are defensive in nature in what feels like the inevitability of a school shooting.
Needless to say, many people find this kind of training very uncomfortable and scary for staff and children. I find it 100% necessary in this day and age and foolish for us to not take it seriously. 
Our campus is locked and secure at all times. Our points of weakness are when we have assemblies or guests using the MPR who may prop open a door to unload equipment from the parking lot. In those occasions, the Campus Aide is stationed at the door. The other point of entry and weakness is the Main Office. The office door is always “locked” but propped open with a door block so that it can be pulled shut quickly. We are required to keep the door open during business hours. I have asked our school board member on many occasions for a buzzer and camera system when we are asked for any special projects or wish lists. The installation of cameras and buzzers is very expensive (the last estimate was $100,000) and the use is governed by LAUSD’s school board. I am sure that our school board is considering installing cameras and buzzers, but when it will happen remains to be seen. Our school board member is Scott Schmerelson. I’m sure that if he heard from his constituents that a camera and buzzer system needs to move from “wish list” status to “must have” status will help deter or at least delay any active shooter events in the future. 
Staffing Updates
Congratulations to Ms. Schmitt who is retiring after 37 years teaching with LAUSD! We will miss her and wish her a wonderful retirement! Also, Mrs. Fishman will be leaving our school for greener pastures. We wish her well with her new assignment. We welcome two new faculty members for the 2022-2023 school year! Miranda Vargas will be teaching 2nd grade and Kelsey Staveley who will be teaching 5th grade! Welcome to Enadia!