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Enadia Way Technology Charter

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Principal's Message

Enadia Way Technology Charter
Principal’s Message
May 26, 2020
June 1: 8-3pm: Grab and Go!
Please drive by the school auditorium to drop off the following items (follow the same protocol as the last time):
1. Library Books (K-5)
2. School loaned iPads (exchange for District iPads if needed)- (TK-5)
3. Orchestra instruments (3-5th)
Please pick up:
1. 5th grade T-shirts!
2. Remaining spring portraits (select students)
3. Remaining student materials (select students)
Kindergarten Promotion
The kindergarten teachers are putting together a slideshow of photographs to send to all kindergarten parents. The promotion certificates will be mailed home.
5th Grade Culmination Activities ANOTHER CHANGE!!!
Breaking news! Friday night the LA County determined that culmination/graduation parades CAN happen!!!
June 1: pick up class T-shirt (see above pick up info) during Grab and Go.
June 1: 5th grade deadline to submit via email kindergarten picture of their child to classroom teacher for the slideshow.
June 1-12: Submit a picture of your 5th grader in the class T-shirt per the specifications of Ivy O’Brian for the panoramic picture.
June 1-5: Our school marquee has a special message to all Class of 2020 students! If you happen to pass by the school you may want to take a picture of it! Please follow all social distancing guidelines!
June 8: 10:30 5th Grader Virtual Gaming Day
June 11: 11:00 sharp, 5th Grade Virtual Culmination via Zoom- password protected (only 5th grade students and teachers will be admitted)-See invitation flyer sent to 5th grade parents.
June 12: 10:00-11:00 “5th Grade Good-Bye Drive By:” “The 5th grade parents are asked to drive to Enadia for one last time to pick up the 5th grade culmination certificates, progress reports, and gifts! Please decorate your car and have fun! Please remain in your cars! If your window is down, all occupants of the vehicle must wear a mask! We will place the gift bag in your trunk and wave good-bye to our 5th graders!
Parade: Please get in formation along Enadia Way to enter the staff parking lot and pull alongside the MPR doors. Continue out the back of the staff lot and turn left to drive around the school. Make some noise and have some fun (in a socially distancing in your car way!).
Wear: Please wear the 5th grade T-shirt!!!
6/12: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Stay safe and healthy over the summer!
Fall Enrollment will continue the week of June 1st!